Misadventure Gear

Personalized Gear for Everyday Misuse

Aloha and welcome to Misadventure Gear.  I became passionate about my gear while serving as a grunt in the Marine Corps in the late 80's and early nineties.  I learned that quality gear, that fits YOU, and works the way YOU want it to, will help you get your job done easier and quicker.  I began modifying the equipment I was issued to make it more comfortable, and learned as I went.  Leaving the marine Corps after the Gulf War, I began hunting and racing mountian bikes.  I was always tinkering with my gear, trying to find the ideal set-up for a certain situation, or what was, or wasn't durable.  In 2001, I began hunting exclusively with the bow and arrow, which again had me re-evaluating my gear set-ups.  Eventually, I grew tired of hand sewing and taught myself to machine sew.......

Today, I specialize in making packs and bags, as well as repairing and modifying gear.  If you have a favorite pack that is torn or worn out, I can add years to its life.  Want a pocket added, or a zipper replaced?  I can do it for you.  Have an idea for something?  I can help create that for you.  My goal is to help you set YOUR gear up the way YOU want it to work, so that it won't let you down when the Adventure becomes a Misadventure.
In this picture, taken Sept. 5, 2009, I have made much of the gear seen, including the backpack, the hydration pouch, the padded belt for my hip quiver as well as the pouches on it, and the camo cover for my arrow fletching.  What can I make for you?